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Useful links

http://www.president.az – The President of Azerbaijan Republic

http://www.meclis.gov.az/ – The Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan

http://www.stat.gov.az/ – The State Statistical Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic

http://www.taxes.gov.az – Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan

http://www.maliyye.gov.az – Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan

http://www.economy.gov.az – Ministry of Economic Development of the AR

http://mia.gov.az – Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

http://www.sspf.gov.az/ – Ministry of Labor and Social Defense of population of the AR

http://www.cbar.az/ – The National Bank of Azerbaijan Republic

http://www.mfa.gov.az – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

http://e-qanun.az/ – The Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic

http://www.scs.gov.az- State Committee for Securities under the Auspices of AR

http://customs.gov.az/az/- State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic

http://migration.gov.az/ – State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic http

http://www.hcb.az/az/ – Requirement Company of selection the personnel

http://www.tidconsulting.com/ – TID Consulting offers a range of services in the sphere of finance, tax and payroll accounting; business, legal and financial consulting company

http://www.partner.az/ – Trade portal store