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image Outstaffing means withdrawal of an employee from customer’s company’s staff – customer and registering to provider company’s staff, while he continues to work at the same place and perform his former duties, but the duties of the employer related to him already fulfilled by the provider.

Outstaffing particularly is beneficial in case when a company has strict limits on the number of staff imposed by head office, law or statutes. Currently the main customers of this type of service are foreign companies for which outstaffing is commonplace. There are some cases when it is unprofitable to open a new office or a branch for one or two employees of the company, so outstaffing is the best way to solve this problem. Besides the desire to focus on your business basic prerequisites for the use of staffing in the companies you usually:

    • Need to reduce the number of employees in staff-list
    • Need to reduce the administrative and financial burden while maintaining the direct management of staff
    • Desire to remove the obligation on labor relations with staff and get a qualified intermediaryin relations with labor and tax inspections
    • Desire to provide maximum flexibility in personnel management and compliance of labor force to real work volume

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