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Personnel record

service_big1A personnel Record is mandatory focus of any company, but in some cases the employers cannot pay necessary attention to this due to their workload.But the issue can be solved very simply;record may be maintained professionally, competently and adequately respecting the basic requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our professional specialists will help you to solve any issue related to personnel records, no matter how challenging it is.Personnel Record is full-time HR administration in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and performanceby our specialistsall functions of the personnel department. Our Personnel Records services covers below matters:

  • Conclusion of employment contracts with the employees in accordance with the Labor Code of Azerbaijan
  • Registration of hiring and dismissal orders of the employees
  • Preparation of necessary documents on replacing the positions of employees and registration of orders
  • Making vacation, travel, and other orders
  • Changing the terms of employment contracts, making amendments and additions to the contract or the preparation of the protocol by mutual consent04
  • Termination of the employment contract, based on the relevant article of the Labor Code
  • Making appropriate orders for work done on the weekends, nonworking days and holidays
  • Social insurance for employees and ensuring their social security card
  • Providing the employees with work record books
  • Preparation of work record booksfor registration
  • Issuing to employeescertificates, references and other necessary documents
  • Preparation of time-sheet reflecting the employee’s working hours per month
  • Preparation of staff-list of company
  • Preparation of documents for the issue of one-time compensation to employees for sickness, pregnancy and childbirth, termination, conscription, care for a child up to three years